Home News Megyn Kelly Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary! … NOBODY Expected This!

Megyn Kelly Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary! … NOBODY Expected This!

Megyn Kelly Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary! … NOBODY Expected This!

With election day less than a week away, supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are on the defensive. Voters are in the position of deciding who should be our next president while at the same time being forced to consider the legal implications of electing Clinton.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly interviewed Democratic strategist Richard Socarides on Thursday asking for his thoughts on the ongoing Clinton scandals and their potential impact on voters. Kelly asked if Democrats truly do support Clinton or if they are metaphorically “holding their nose.”

Socarides avoided acknowledging any problem between Clinton and voters noting that presidential elections tend to get much tighter as election day approaches. He acknowledged that the country is divided. While Socarides believes the election will be close, he is confident that Clinton will win by two or three points.

Kelly pressed Socarides again to comment on the influence of the scandals on voters’ decisions.

“What bout he fact that they also don’t want someone who’s in trouble with the law?” Kelly asked.

But in classic partisan fashion, Socarides again refused to answer the question, instead deflecting blame onto the FBI.

“The politicization of the FBI in this particular instance is disgraceful,” he said.

That’s when the conversation took an interesting twist. Kelly asserted that the FBI’s actions here are strictly to investigate potential cries. But Socarides cited an ABC source who claimed that there is no FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation. This is in direct contradiction to sources intimate with the investigation who told Fox News anchor Bret Baier that there is an ongoing, year-long investigation underway that is likely to lead to an indictment.

Again Socarides cited the ABC source as the two argued about the semantic difference between an inquiry into the Clinton Foundation and more serious and in-depth investigation. Kelly noted that “we have at least two sources in the FBI saying there is” an investigation.” Socarides then admitted that there are conflicting reports to which Kelly quipped, “and you’re just dismissing half of them.”

This type of semantic confusion is reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s infamous “it depends upon what the meaning of the word is is” statement. It is this parsing words that has made the electorate distrustful of Washington. Whether you want to call it an inquiry or an investigation, the truth is that the FBI is examining the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation that could lead to criminal charges.






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