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Megyn Kelly Has Left Fox and She Is Headed To…


Fox News just released a statement saying Megyn Kelly is no longer tied down to Fox News and is free to go to what many people believe will be NBC News.

The news was verified by her personal spokesperson who said Kelly is still working out final details but will eventually be leaving. The network gave their own statement in a brief and to the point manner:

“Fox News let Megyn Kelly out of her contract on March 9th.”

Kelly’s terms and conditions surrounding her leave would have been simple if she decided to leave the company when her contract states which is in July. Since she’s leaving early, she has had to renegotiate terms of her leave which has taken quite some time. Leslee Dart, the spokeswoman for Kelly, confirmed this saying, “the terms of her termination are still being negotiated.”

If all goes well, Kelly’s leave of Fox will enable her to get a head start on projects promised to her at NBC News. Another possible reason for an early leave is so Kelly has the ability to attend NBCUniversal’s annual “upfront” presentation. According to Variety, this is when “the company makes its opening big to sell approximately $6 billion in commercial inventory to Madison Avenue.”

Some people speculate, with evidence, that Kelly will start a new morning program with NBC that would take over the “today” program. The other project she will probably take over will be scheduled around NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.”


Credit: Variety


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