Home News Melania Gives Michelle O’s Style A Trim

Melania Gives Michelle O’s Style A Trim

Melania Gives Michelle O’s Style A Trim
Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

First lady Melania Trump and former First Lady Michelle Obama have very different styles on every level. From the way they dress to the way, they handle being married to the president.

Michelle was bright, airy and open to people while Melania is much more closed off and private.

The two also sport massive differences in their staffing levels. Where Michelle typically had around 16 people on staff, earning an estimated combined $1.24 million per year, Melania has only four people, making an estimated combined $486,700 per year; one of the “leanest East Wing operations in recent history” according to the report.

Why such a huge difference? Melania isn’t the typical FLOTUS. While she’s been more active of late, she’s not nearly as politically active as Michelle or any other FLOUTS was before her.

According to the Stephanie Grisham, communications director, Melania is being “deliberate” with the way she hires, apparently focusing “on quality over quantity,” and that:

“It is important to her that the team is a good fit for what she wants to accomplish as the first lady, and that everyone works well together. She also wants to be mindful and responsible when it comes to taxpayer money.”

Both Melania and Michelle hired staff that isn’t on the list, and Melania has nine now, while Michelle had 24 altogether., according to FactCheck.org.

Michelle’s larger staff likely was due to her being much more aggressive in her politics and knowing what she wanted to do – she started the Move! Campaign to combat childhood obesity.

Melania, on the other hand, has little political experience with the exception of being married to President Donald Trump. She does, however, promise to battle cyberbullying as FLOTUS though she’s received much criticism at this point because of the president.

Ultimately, the entire Trump Administration uses a smaller staff, and this could lead to cuts in taxpayer spending of up to $22 million over the term, according to the report.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.


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