Home News Melania Trump gets last laugh against fake news

Melania Trump gets last laugh against fake news

Melania Trump gets last laugh against fake news

First Lady Melania Trump has described her husband as one who if he is hit will certainly hit back. Melania showed her own strength when she forced a British newspaper to not only apologize to her, but pay “substantial damages” for libeling her in its pages.

The Telegraph from the United Kingdom said on Saturday that it was sorry for a January 19 story that stated her modeling career was struggling until she married President Trump.

The UK paper also took back six other statements, including the claim that she cried the night Trump won the White House and her tears were “not of joy.”

This is the second time the first lady has fought and won a defamation battle with a publication in the UK. The libel laws are notoriously strict there. The First Lady won a $2.9 million settlement from the Daily Mail in 2017 after the tabloid published scandalous allegations about her modeling career.

Although the amount has been reported as “significant,” the amount of damages going to Melania Trump for the Telegraph story was not revealed.

The Jan. 19 story was titled “The Mystery of Melania.” It ran in the Telegraph’s weekly magazine. The content originally appeared in the book “Golden Handcuffs” by journalist Nina Burleigh. The book was published in the United States last October and excerpted in many American publications. Not one of the US publications has been sued, yet. 

While the Telegraph killed the story from its Web site, “Golden Handcuffs” is still available in the US.

What do you think about how the First Lady handled this story? Do you think some of the publications in the United States should be sued for repeating the story? What about the publishers of the book, “Golden Handcuffs?”


We look forward to seeing what your thoughts are on this issue. Please write your comments in the section below this article. 

Credit: NY Post


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