Home News Mexico just made it easier for caravan migrants to reach America

Mexico just made it easier for caravan migrants to reach America

Mexico just made it easier for caravan migrants to reach America

As the next migrant caravan makes its way toward the United States, Mexico has made a decision that will aid the travelers in their trek northward by offering humanitarian visas.

The Wall Street Journal reported that there were about 5,600 Central Americans are awaiting visas at Tecún Umán, on Guatemala’s border with Mexico as of Tuesday.

“A caravan of Central American migrants seeking to reach the U.S. is set to swell in coming days as thousands gather at Mexico’s southern border waiting for humanitarian visas that have become much easier to get under Mexico’s new government,” The Journal reported.

“Authorities are granting humanitarian visas in just five days, a process that in the past has often taken months. The visas, which can be renewed annually, allow migrants to work and move freely in Mexico. But most say they just want to get quickly to the U.S. border.”

The caravan has put even more pressure on President Donald Trump, who is currently in heated negotiations with Congress over funding for a border wall to keep out the bulk of those who wish to converge on the United States in hopes of a better economic future.

Mexico’s decision to help those in the caravan instead of hinder them has been the subject of several social media posts from the president.

“Mexico is doing NOTHING to stop the Caravan which is now fully formed and heading to the United States. We stopped the last two – many are still in Mexico but can’t get through our Wall, but it takes a lot of Border Agents if there is no Wall. Not easy!” Trump tweeted on Saturday.

The disagreement between the White House and Congress prompted the government shutdown that is now in its second month, however, the president is persistent in his belief that funding for the border wall is the only way to end the crisis at the border, brought on in part, by the caravans.

“To all of the great people who are working so hard for your Country and not getting paid I say, THANK YOU – YOU ARE GREAT PATRIOTS,” Trump said on Sunday.

“We must now work together, after decades of abuse, to finally fix the Humanitarian, Criminal & Drug Crisis at our Border. WE WILL WIN BIG!”


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