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One Lefty Editor Is LOSING Her Mind! … She Drew The DARKEST Comparison Ever!


As protests on college campuses and large cities erupt in protest of the victory of President-elect Donald Trump and mainstream media pundits analyze all the data they can find, one common question lingers for them. How did Trump win? They seem to believe that he won due to the hatred and bigotry of white Americans. They actually appear to be grieving.

Perhaps they are grieving. For nearly two years, they had been promised that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would be the next President. They do not seem to understand that millions of Americans actually voted for Trump. Yes, some may have agreed with him on his controversial statements. People did not want more of the same, a continuation of Obama policies, another term of Clinton scandals and another term of stagnant politics.

So some Clinton supporters, including many of the protestors, are sad and confused, and some even say they are afraid. But many are taking that too far. Clara Jeffery, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, is one of these people. What she tweeted is absolutely crazy. Take a look:

As The Daily Caller put it, “A Mother Jones editor thinks Donald Trump winning the presidency is as bad as 9/11, equating a peaceful Democratic election with the day al Qaida terrorists murdered 3,000 Americans.” But Jeffery did not agree noting that “This is not a normal switch from one party to another.”

Similar comparisons to 9/11 have drawn harsh criticism from 9/11 victims and their families. One woman told The Daily Caller “That’s ridiculous. My husband died on that day saving lives. What did Trump do? He just got elected for President.”

Kyle Feldscher, a reporter with the Washington Examiner, retorted, noting many tragedies that have occurred in the 15 years since 9/11 that have not garnered this level of outrage from the Mother Jones editor.




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