Home Politics Murkowski’s Response To Trump Shows A New Approach May Be Needed

Murkowski’s Response To Trump Shows A New Approach May Be Needed

Murkowski’s Response To Trump Shows A New Approach May Be Needed

President Trump recently pushed Senate Republicans to band together in repealing the Affordable Care Act in the interest of Republican loyalty. However, Lisa Murkowski didn’t feel she could simply take that and sit down. In fact, according to some attendees at the private White House lunch, she respectfully said the following:

“With all due respect, Mr. President, I didn’t come here to represent the Republican Party. I am representing my constituents and the state of Alaska.”

President Trump obviously didn’t like someone going against him, so he took to Twitter stating:

“Senator @lisamurkowski of the Great State of Alaska really let the Republicans, and our country, down yesterday. Too Bad!”

Murkowski is the last person Trump should use scare tactics on. In 2010, Murkowski lost a primary race to a Tea Party opponent and was let go by the GOP. Rather than give up, she ran in a write-in and won. The other Republican who opposed the recent Health Care bills passing said this about Murkowski:

“She is unshakable when it comes to her constituents. She has a spine of steel.”

The New York Times reports that Senator Mitch McConnell even tried to add extra benefits to Alaska in hopes of getting Murkowski to side with Senate Republicans:

“Senator Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican, and majority leader, shaped his health care proposal with an eye toward Alaska, adding billions of dollars to help hold down insurance premium costs in a state where health care choices are very limited, as well as extra money for the care of native populations. Those provisions were added not only to woo Ms. Murkowski, but also to secure the vote of Dan Sullivan, the other senator from Alaska and a fellow Republican.”

But the plan obviously didn’t work, and Murkowski continued to be skeptical of the bill and voiced concerns over her constituents who relied on Medicaid. Murkowski has said after the fact that she is happy with her decision to vote against the recent proposal:

“I’m very comfortable with the decision I made yesterday in working to advance Alaska’s interests.”

But it’s clear that Murkowski doesn’t want the spotlight and does indeed want to see a health care proposal succeed and she even hinted at supporting the “skinny” bill:

“I think there are areas we can identify that we can find common ground. That is kind of the hope and desire, and I’m simply willing to start to find how we can get to that point.”

Credit: NY Times


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