Home News Washington Post Writes Goofy Rant After Press Conference

Washington Post Writes Goofy Rant After Press Conference

Washington Post Writes Goofy Rant After Press Conference

In an op-ed on Sunday. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin argued that Congress should block generals from ever serving in a civilian capacity in the White House.

In her eyes, instead of providing an effort to rein in President Donald Trump’s “authoritarian impulses,” White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, has accelerated them.

In the op-ed, Rubin complained that during the most recent White House press conference, Kelly only let reporters with some connection to a Gold Star family ask questions.

Rubin went on to say that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ efforts not to criticize Kelly “took on the creepy aura of a military junta.”

Rubin believes Kelly should be replaced because he is willing to defend Trump’s actions. She also believes he needs to go because the White House has not become more disciplined or effective since he gained his position.

Rubin wrote, “Since Kelly’s arrival, Trump has ignited explosive cultural confrontations, failed again to repeal Obamacare and looked thoroughly hapless in his inability to articulate or stick to any position for more than an hour or so. Trump blusters and threatens North Korea; he alarms European allies by threatening to trash the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Trump under Kelly’s “daycare” still has not filled a slew of top-level posts (of course maybe Rubin forgot Trump said he’s not filling them). Trump is not becoming more competent, more focused, more civil or more respectful of others under Kelly’s tutelage.”

Rubin also wants generals in civilian capacity entirely banned from ever serving in the White House again, partly because of a “creeping military authoritarianism.”

Rubin concluded, “Kelly should be replaced by someone who actually understands democratic governance and can deliver bad news and honest criticism to the president. Going forward, Congress needs to stomp out creeping military authoritarianism. Congress should start by barring generals from acting in civilian capacities in the White House.” She may have also forgotten about the three generals Obama also appointed: retired Marine Gen. Jim Jones as national security adviser; retired Army Gen. Eric Shinseki as veterans affairs secretary; and retired Navy Adm. Dennis Blair as director of national intelligence.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with Rubin?

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Credit: Daily Caller


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