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The RNC Is Gearing Up for War

The RNC Is Gearing Up for War

Do you believe that the RNC has a “messaging strategy” to discredit James Comey, when, at any time, President Trump could contradict them without warning on Twitter?

Many believe that this is why the RNC is taking the lead on this. They seemingly figure that if they are attacking Comey 24/7 while he’s promoting his book, Trump will not feel the need to “attack” him himself.

In this sense, GOP leadership can exert more control over their message.

You may be asking yourself, who is this effort really aimed at?

The Republican plan against Comey is built around several aggressive arguments, according to the plan obtained by CNN, including these:

1) “Comey has a long history of misstatements and misconduct,” including damage caused to the FBI because of “bizarre decisions, contradictory statements and acting against Department of Justice and FBI protocol.”

2) “Attempts to smear the Trump administration are nothing more than retaliation by a disgraced former official.”

3) “Comey isn’t credible — just ask Democrats.” The digital ads will show several Democrats calling for Comey’s resignation after he injected himself into the 2016 presidential race, including House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who is shown saying: “All I can tell you is the FBI Director has no credibility.”

Check out the “Lyin’ Comey” website

It is filled with heavy Democratic criticism of him. It includes fact checks of things he’s said. One accuses Comey of being a “leaker” because he shared his own memo about a conversation with Trump with a friend to give to the media.

Comey shared the memo, he claimed, because Trump was in the process of trying to impeach his credibility as to what was said between them…

Twitter screen shot

Another section criticizes him for portraying himself “as an innocent victim fired by President Trump.” It counters with quotes from several Democrats saying he shouldn’t be kept in the job.

A great deal of Democrat criticism towards him is based on Comey sending a letter that sabotaged Clinton’s candidacy via unorthodox moves to disclose the state of the email investigation.

The takeaway from his nuclear war with Trump, however, is that he’s not in the tank for the right after all.

Here’s what was running on Hannity’s show last night, for example, in an episode praised on Twitter by Trump himself:

Twitter screen shot

Twitter screen shot

So what’s the purpose of the website, and who will be moved by it?

Republican voters? Probably not. They have already lost trust in Comey. Trump’s been criticizing him for nearly a year. Right-wing media certainly dislike him as well.

Democratic voters?


Democrats have long ago made their peace with him, plus Comey is about to further spend the next month on TV every day bashing President Trump. The RNC treating him as a hate object will likely cement Democratic support for him. Ben Shapiro notes, “By parroting Trump’s petty ‘Lyin’ Comey’ branding, the RNC looks like a personal revenge tool for the president, and the attacks on Comey look politically motivated rather than simply truthful.”

Having Trump, the RNC, and right-wing media launching a coordinated offensive against him will do more for his standing on the left than he ever could himself.

What are your thoughts?

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Credit: Hot Air


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