Home News Nancy Pelosi lays her cards on the table: ‘violence to our constitution…’

Nancy Pelosi lays her cards on the table: ‘violence to our constitution…’

Nancy Pelosi lays her cards on the table: ‘violence to our constitution…’

House Democrats are making their move to block President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration that allows him access to billions of dollars to build the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced to reporters Friday that she considers the president’s move to be an “institutional assault” that defies the constitutionally separated powers of government, The Hill reported.

“The president’s act is lawless and does violence to our constitution and therefore to our democracy,” Pelosi said.

“We do not have a monarchy; we have a separation of powers in our country.”

A resolution introduced on Friday by Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro is just one page long, according to The Hill, and would terminate the state of emergency.

Castro, who was on the same conference call with reporters as the speaker, said that there are more than 225 cosponsors for the bill, including one Republican Rep. Justin Amish of Michigan.

“This isn’t a situation where we’ve just been courting one side,” Castro said, stating that they will solicit more Republican support.

Pelosi backed up Castro’s statement with her own plea to Republicans.

“I know they care about the Constitution of the United States; I know they care about the separation of powers and the co-equal nature of the branches of government,” she said.

“What’s really important is how they will vote on Tuesday.”


Castro serves as the chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has stated that Trump’s declaration is based on a false pretext; namely that the wall is necessary to protect Americans.

“There is no emergency at the border,” Castro said.

“Does the president have the right to do such a thing when there is a true emergency? Yes, he does. And if there is such an emergency … we’d be right there with him,” Pelosi said.
“This is not what is happening now.”


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