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84 Lumber: Bowing to Alt Right Wing Pressure

84 Lumber: Bowing to Alt Right Wing Pressure

The social media channels were on fire with the assumptions that Lady Gaga would make some political statement during the Super Bowl. Instead, the political statements almost entirely came from the commercials…and one commercial specifically.

The commercial featured a mother and her young daughter, clearly refugees seeking a safe haven. As the short clip ends, the name 84 Lumber pops up and the commercial is over. There was no description, no recap, nothing but a name. Here is the full commercial:

However, there is more to the commercial…Regardless of the cut, the left is still in love with the commercial as seen below:

“Ignoring the border wall and the conversation around immigration that’s taking place in the media and at every kitchen table in America just didn’t seem right,” said Rob Shapiro, the chief client officer at Brunner, the agency that worked with 84 Lumber to come up with the ad. “If everyone else is trying to avoid controversy, isn’t that the time when brands should take a stand for what they believe in?”

PROPAGANDA. The video is pure propaganda meant to elicit an emotion response from the viewer to stir an action out of guilt or trickery. However, this isn’t the only issue with the commercial. Louder with Crowder addresses the commercials view of Mexico saying:

“Blatant breaking of the law aside, the commercial also speaks volumes about Mexico. It’s a tacit admission that Mexico is the suckiest of sucks. While Mexicans are busy trying to escape Mexico, people will do anything it takes to get into America. Clearly. But to point out the difference in our countries, or to be proud of America’s rich culture and history?”

We often forget that the people voted for a change in November and a change is what they got. While mega companies and Hollywood are vocal about open borders, the normal average Joe isn’t. This means that 84 Lumber isn’t just taking a stand but they’re also insulting the average American worker and those immigrants who come in LEGALLY. Makes sense right?


****Editors Note 2/7/17 1049AM EST****

The Chief of 84 LumberMaggie Hardy Magerko issued a statement that she is pro-Trump and pro-immigration wall. The commercial did place a door and the wall which would be consistent with President Trump’s Campaign promise. Here is her statement to PEOPLE MAGAZINE:


“If I thought the wall was negative, I wouldn’t have had the wall,” says Magerko, who believes a border wall is needed “to keep America safe.” A company press release describes the ad as part of a recruitment campaign, with the door symbolizing “the doors that 84 Lumber opens for its employees.”

“Even President Trump has said there should be a ‘big beautiful door in the wall so that people can come into this country legally,'” Magerko says. “It’s not about the wall. It’s about the door in the wall.”

There was definitely a lot of controversy over the commercials during the Super Bowl, what do you think about the various commercials?

Source: New York Times | Louder With Crowder


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