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The ‘8th Man’ Has Been Revealed

The ‘8th Man’ Has Been Revealed

Investigators have been hoping to learn the identity of the eighth person who attended the June 2016 meeting with Donald Trump Jr., but due to the active investigation, no one has been able to learn the individual’s identity…until now.

CNN recently learned that the mystery man was Ike Kaveladze. According to CNN, Kaveladze was the “senior vice president at the company founded by the Russian oligarch who initiated the meeting.” The company, Crocus Group, is a real estate development company led by Azerbaijani-Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov.

Kaveladze’s website states that he “holds responsibility for multiple elements of the company’s Russian development project.” The site goes on to list his achievements, degrees, and past work experience which included working for Agalarovs’ business since 2004. Joining in 2004 means that he was involved when the company joined with the Trump Organization to assist with the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow.

Kaveladze’s attorney, Scott Balber, stated that Kaveladze has been a US citizen for a while and still speaks fluent Russian. He went on to say that he “never had any engagement with the Russian government in any capacity.”

While Balber did confirm that Kaveladze was the mystery man, he also commented that he hadn’t been interviewed by the special council yet. He also noted that his client hadn’t been approached about how he represents Emin and Aras Agalarov.

Emin Agalarov is a Russian pop star who has done business with Trump. He connected with Trump through his father, Aras Agalarov, who has done business with Trump as well. Aras is a successful real estate billionaire with connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin. This connection is what investigators want to dig into to see if there was collusion.

According to CNN, Kaveladze was asked to the meeting to be a translator for Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya since she didn’t speak English. Once he arrived, Kaveladze learned she brought her translator with her. Any other reason for him being there is unknown at this time.

Credit: CNN


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