Home News Protesters Do the Unthinkable! Could Have Caused A Death

Protesters Do the Unthinkable! Could Have Caused A Death

Protesters Do the Unthinkable! Could Have Caused A Death

As an EMT myself, hearing that protestors stopped an ambulance with a critically ill patient makes me irate. It’s one thing to protest, but not allowing an ambulance through is just down right wrong…

Around 100-200 protestors gathered on a Connecticut highway to protest President Donald Trump. During their protests, they decided to block an ambulance carrying a critically ill person which resulted in a dangerous procedure inside of the ambulance.

WTIC-TV reported that police did arrive in riot gear but couldn’t get the streets cleared before the patient took a turn for the worse. Since the block wasn’t getting better, the EMT’s had to perform an emergency life-saving procedure meant of the hospital.

The leader of the protest, Norman Clement, tried to run from police after knocking down several of his own supporters. He was eventually apprehended after being tackled and sprayed with pepper spray.

Norman Clement

EMT’s are not trained to perform intense procedures and by forcing them to do so causes extreme danger. Unfortunately, we have no information on what the patient’s current condition is but we hope for the best.

This isn’t the first story like this either. What do you think about these protestors? Let us know in the comments below and let us know if you have any more details on the story!



Source: Dailywire


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