Home National News Two White House Power Houses Continue To Duke It Out

Two White House Power Houses Continue To Duke It Out

Two White House Power Houses Continue To Duke It Out

Things just keep heating up between two anchors on the Trump team. Chief Strategist, Stephen Bannon, and Senior Advisor, Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law), apparently have been fighting “nonstop” in recent weeks according to sources who spoke to “The Daily Beast” on the condition of anonymity.

Bannon complained that Kushner was trying to push him out the door. He recently vented about Jared being a “globalist” and a “cuck.” Bannon considers himself a nationalist and he has been one of the chief architects of Trump’s popular “America First” rhetoric. He sees Kushner as far too centrist and against some of the fundamental pro-American values. The term “cuck” (as in cuckservative) has found wide use in recent days by the “far-right” to describe Republicans who don’t support the pro-Trump agenda that got him into office. It is often used in the same way “RINO” was, a Republican in Name Only. Bannon is a long-time Republican, while Kushner was until his father-in-law ran for president, a lifelong liberal and Democratic donor. You can see why there is such in-house tension.

An official close to Bannon said, “Steve thinks Jared is worse than a Democrat, basically. [Steve] has a very specific vision for what he believes, and what he shares [ideologically] with Trump. And he has for a long time now seen [Jared] as a major obstacle to achieving that.”

It is well known how important family is to President Trump; therefore things don’t look good for Stephen Bannon. He was removed from his post on the National Security Council last Wednesday. Although other officials have related that Bannon was only appointed to the council to keep a watch on Michael Flynn. When H.R. McMaster took over, getting Bannon off of the council was put in the works. It’s also clear that two huge efforts spearheaded by Bannon have failed: the “Muslim ban” executive orders and the push for the first repeal and replace healthcare bill. There have been several reports that things have gotten so tense that Bannon has considered tendering his resignation. Bannon has responded that this is “total nonsense.”

Some question whether Trump is a bit “ticked” at the credit Bannon has received for the whole Trump agenda. “Saturday Night Live” did a skit where Bannon was the Grim Reaper manipulating Alec Baldwin’s President Trump into slowing global chaos and Washington discord. At the end of the skit, the “Bannon” character tells the president to give him his Oval Office desk back.


So who is going to have the greater influence on the future of Trump’s presidency? Will the far-right “nationalist” continue to set the course, or will the more centrist “globalist” win the day? The smart money seems to be on the son-in-law.


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