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Berkeley Rioters Get REALLY Bad News…

Berkeley Rioters Get REALLY Bad News…

The recent riots at University of California, Berkeley left over $100,000 worth of damages to the school not to mention the several people who were injured in the process. The rioters were protesting controversial figure, Milo Yiannopoulos, and thought they won when they successfully made Milo evacuate.

But they didn’t actually win. The FBI just recently released a statement saying they were investigating the riots with the help of the university. So far, it’s been found that one rioter was a university employee named Ian Dabney Miller. The not so smart Miller decided to brag on Twitter and post photos of the destruction. One of those photos included injured photos of people who he simply made fun of.

The school has since issued a statement saying:

“The campus is aware of the allegations involving someone who is a current member of the university’s workforce… UCPD is working in close concert with the FBI on an ongoing investigation into the matter.”

Although they are owning up to the fact that one of their employees was involved, the school is currently denying student involvement. The unusual statement took many by surprise but University Chancellor Nicholas Dirks seemed to believe the riots were coordinated by “armed individuals in ‘ninja-like’ uniforms, using paramilitary tactics.”

While that seems far-fetched, one group called BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) did say they participated in the riots. Their leader, Yvette Felarca, issued a statement saying they regretted nothing they did and that “the left has been far too timid for way too long.” While I do believe other groups joined in, it’s doubtful that no students were involved but I guess we will see soon enough.

While Milo was forced to evacuate the building, he plans to come back to Berkeley to deliver his speech with the “Dangerous Faggot” tour. Hopefully, his free speech won’t be crushed next time he comes through.


What do you think about the FBI’s involvement in this protest? Do you think it’s needed? We’d love to hear your thoughts and any other information you have. Let us know in the comments below or message us your info!

Source: Right Wing News | Berkeley Side


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