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BUSTED! CNN Gets Embarrassed Again

BUSTED! CNN Gets Embarrassed Again

Remember how President Trump doesn’t like CNN because of their alleged ‘fake news’? Well, they’re at it again with a recent Obamacare debate between Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. Not to mention the issues during the Democratic primary when it was discovered questions were leaked to Hillary Clinton. During the debate, a member asked a question from a Gmail print out that was titled, “Your Question.”

Carol Hardaway was asked to take the platform to address how she was covered under Obamacare and to address a question (that was supposedly her own):

I have Multiple Sclerosis, but could not afford insurance. Without the treatment of medications, I need, I had problems with walking, my speech, and my vision. When the Affordable Care Act was passed, I moved from our home in Texas because they refused to expand medicaid, to Maryland. And in two weeks, I started to receive treatments through medicaid, and I’m well enough to work as a substitute teacher. Senator Cruz, can you promise me that you and the Republican leaders in Congress will actually have a replacement plan in place for people like me who depend on their medicaid. In other words, I like my coverage. Can I keep it?

Take a look at the following pictures:

Can you see it? Look again, but closer…

The Gmail symbol was first to catch my eye, but on closer examination, you can see the topic line say, ‘your question.’ That’s pretty hard to ignore and the internet clearly thought so too. After the first few reports of this got out, the internet spread it like a wildfire claiming CNN is again creating fake news by giving her the question.

Although the speculations are many, there is no evidence that CNN sent any questions out so you will have to stick with your own opinion. Another piece of information from the debate that took the interview by storm was Cruz’s response to her question:


“Congratulations on dealing with MS, it’s a terrible disease and congratulations on your struggles dealing with it.”

It wasn’t the best way to answer the question, but compared to the question, it’s getting very little focus anyways. What are your opinions on CNN and this mysterious question? Let us know below!

Source: IJR.com


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