Home News Coffee Company Owned By Veterans Drops The Bomb On Starbucks

Coffee Company Owned By Veterans Drops The Bomb On Starbucks

Coffee Company Owned By Veterans Drops The Bomb On Starbucks

The “Black Rifle Coffee Company” is a veteran-owned coffee business that was made famous by their controversial and bold YouTube commercials. The company has never been one to keep their opinions quiet and have been approached several times about their content. Just like usual, their most recent opinion on Starbucks hiring refugees is causing quite the stir.

Although many companies are protesting President Trump’s temporary travel ban, Starbucks has gained perhaps the most attention after they announced they would be hiring 10,000 refugees over the next five years. Many people have taken to social media to voice their complaints. Some of those revolve around why we would hire refugees when we have so many homeless veterans still needing jobs.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company was one company who took a stand against Starbucks and their agenda in hopes of giving more homeless veterans jobs. The clearly conservative company is generating a lot of talk now that their following social media post went viral:

Following Starbuck’s announcement about their refugee hiring plan, Black Rifle announced on a social media channel, “Black Rifle Coffee Vows to Hire 10,000 Veterans.” While BRCC is unlikely to have a need for 10,000 new employees this year, the commitment to hiring veterans is not new and has been a bedrock of their hiring practices since Evan founded the company, “Black Rifle Coffee has [always] vowed to hire Veterans and Patriots, we didn’t adopt this vow on the heels of anything to drive a bullsh*t touchy feely false sales projection!”

For those veterans looking to work hard for a paycheck, they can apply by emailing careers@blackriflecoffee.com


Black Rifle Coffee Company, also known as BRCC, only has 50 employees as of now. However, their growth over this past year was an insane 700% making them eager to achieve this goal. How incredible would it be to see all the homeless veterans off the street and working in coffee shops!

Source: Allen B West | Liberty News Now


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