Home News Comedian Melissa McCarthy Shakes White House With Sketch of Press Secretary

Comedian Melissa McCarthy Shakes White House With Sketch of Press Secretary

Comedian Melissa McCarthy Shakes White House With Sketch of Press Secretary

It finally looks like the joking on Saturday Night Live has caused the White House to respond. President Trump has always worried about what’s being said on TV and this last skit with Melissa McCarthy caused quite a stir within the White House.

McCarthy portrayed Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, as a goofy guy, chewing gum, and making up information. Check it out below:

The President’s first issue was that SNL was portraying his Press Secretary using a woman. One of Trump’s high up donors explained Trump’s frustration perfectly saying, ‘Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak.’ That’s exactly it. When people attack Trump’s staff, it makes them look weak and in turn, him.

Another sign that shows Trump was upset by the sketch was documented by Politico:

“Trump’s uncharacteristic Twitter silence over the weekend about the “Saturday Night Live” sketch was seen internally as a sign of how uncomfortable it made the White House feel. Sources said the caricature of Spicer by McCarthy struck a nerve and was upsetting to the press secretary and to his allies, who immediately saw how damaging it could be in Trump world.”

Spicer has tried to keep a happy look on his face despite seeing the sketch over and over again on most TV channels. In an interview with Extra, he even joked about the event saying McCarthy “Needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.” Spicer’s close aids even attempted to cover up any frustration according to Politico:

“And on Monday, Spicer’s allies were trying to put a happy face on the incident. ‘He takes the job seriously but doesn’t take himself that seriously,’ said a person close to Spicer, who said he also understood the instant-viral skit helped him reach a new level of fame. ‘He knows that put him up on the stratosphere of recognition on a level,’ this person said. ‘You’ve got to embrace it.’”

Despite the humor Spicer uses, he’s still trying to regain ground with the reporters that don’t think highly of him. For the last few weeks he’s been in a constant fight to repair bridges he’s burned or accidentally broke. Not only have reporters had a hard time with his falsified statements on the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration, but many inside the White House have consistently alluded to the fact that Spicer wasn’t Trump’s first pick.

When asked in a phone interview, Spicer avoided the questions about skit saying, “I would much rather have the focus be on the president’s agenda and the success he’s having. That’s all I’m saying on it. When the reporter continued to pressed about the skit they finally got an answer. Spicer responded, “It doesn’t really matter what I think.”


It seems pretty clear that Spicer is a little hurt by the sketch, but what do you think the actual White House thinks of it? Do you think they really are irritated as these statements seem? Let us know below!

Source: Politico


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