Home News House Intelligence Panel Member Is Furious and Releases Statement

House Intelligence Panel Member Is Furious and Releases Statement

House Intelligence Panel Member Is Furious and Releases Statement

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier stated on Tuesday that she does NOT trust House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. Many Democratic lawmakers are urging Nunes to recuse himself from the probing into Russian interference during this past year’s election cycle.

Speier, along with other lawmakers on Monday, called for Nunes to recuse himself after he met secretly on White House grounds with classified information that would allegedly prove Trump’s wiretapped claims to be true. This meeting was only one day before he was scheduled to meet with President Trump about Russia.

Speier told CNN’s “New Day” the following:

I don’t trust him. I mean, I think he is a very nice man. I think he is, frankly, over his head. I think he used very poor judgement and I think he has tainted the committee.”

Part of Speier’s frustration is that she believes President Trump is trying to stall or even stop the investigation from happening. “I actually think there is an effort underway to shut this committee down, by the president,” Speier said.

Speier followed up her remarks on Tuesday saying, “And if he can knock us off, then he’s only got to find a way to knock off the Senate investigation.”

Between allegations of wiretapping and the continued investigation into Russian interference, the White House has a handful of problems to manage on just the inside. Do you think all these internal issues are going to prohibit the President from doing what he needs to do? Let us know your thoughts below!


Credit: The Hill


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