Home News LGBTQ is Furious: DOJ Drops Controversial Policy

LGBTQ is Furious: DOJ Drops Controversial Policy

LGBTQ is Furious: DOJ Drops Controversial Policy

The Trump administration has made multiple 180 turns during their short time at the White House. Their most recent change came from a legal brief that was filed on Friday. In it, the Justice Department decided to pull back the Obama administration’s move to allow Transgender people to use the bathroom they identified with.

The Huffington Post reported on the matter saying:

“A back-and-forth started in August with a Texas court order that barred the Obama administration from instructing states on how to accommodate transgender students, in response to a lawsuit filed by a dozen states that opposed the guidance. The Obama administration objected to that injunction, saying that it flew in the face of rights given by Title IX. On Friday, the Justice Department withdrew the government’s objection on behalf of the Trump administration.”

The move by the Trump administration should make everyone aware that they probably won’t be proceeding with transgender rights. This is a huge victory for many conservative voters (and some liberal) who believed that allowing this would be dangerous and uncomfortable for many women.

The recent move came only two days after Sen. Jeff Sessions was confirmed as attorney general. Sessions tends to have a history of voting against most LGBTQ issues and that has caused a lot of concern within the LGBTQ community, especially since Trump switched his stance from the nation deciding to the state deciding.

What are your thoughts the Justice Department’s decision to start rolling back these orders? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Federalist Papers | Huffington Post


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