Home Politics Congressman Suggests Ousting Of Congressional Leader

Congressman Suggests Ousting Of Congressional Leader

Congressman Suggests Ousting Of Congressional Leader

The dysfunction in Washington has finally caught up to some of the Republican politicians, specifically Justin Amash (R-Mich.). Amash stated on Monday that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, needed to change his course of action or be replaced:

“We need either a change in direction from this Speaker, or we need a new speaker.”

During a town hall meeting, Amash responded to a question about the gridlock in Washington. His opinion was that Ryan wasn’t cutting it and that he needed to be replaced by someone who is “nonpartisan.”

The Hill reported on the origins of this, saying:

“The comments come after a top White House aide earlier this month sent a tweet calling for a primary challenge to Amash, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus who opposed the House GOP’s healthcare bill last month.”

Dan Scavino’s tweet can be found below:

“.@realDonaldTrump is bringing auto plants & jobs back to Michigan. @justinamash is a big liability. #TrumpTrain, defeat him in primary,”

Amash couldn’t respond to the jab, so he tweeted back stating that the Trump administration and establishment have “merged into #Trumpstablishment.”

Scavino’s tweet caught the attention of the White House, who decided to stand against the allegations that it broke “longstanding prohibition on using an official position to influence an election.”


Credit: The Hill


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