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MMA Fighter Saves Man and Stands Up To Masked Rioter

MMA Fighter Saves Man and Stands Up To Masked Rioter

When the rioting broke out at Berkley this past week, many people hid or fled the scene immediately. Others decided to stay and keep a watchful eye on the gathering. One of the bystanders not participating in the rioting was professional MMA fighter, Jake Shields. His actions on the night of the protest put his life at risk but saved the life of another.

As Shields watched the entire event unfold, he eventually noticed a man being beaten to near death. When Shields noticed the police weren’t moving in, he decided to be a hero himself. After running into the chaos and being punched several times, Shields managed to pull the bruised and bloodied man inside a building.

According to an interview with Breitbart, Shields noted that the crowd was “rough” and that’s when he saw a bloody man running from people who were circling him while hitting him with sticks. Shields told Breitbart:

“Mobs of people. Nobody helped, but people were yelling ‘get up, get up.’ Like fifteen people were trying to attack him and others were cheering them on,” he continued. “No one helped, no one had the balls to step in, so my reaction was to run in and start picking people off.”

“They came in trying to fight back, and I started backing off, but I helped grab the guy and shove him into a store,” Shields explained. “I got a few punches, I was probably hit like ten times, but I don’t have a single mark on me. They were like, ‘he’s a Nazi too!’ but this other guy was like, ‘I don’t think he’s a Nazi,’ while I was still fighting people off. I was like, do you just get to choose who’s a Nazi and who’s not?”

That’s a great question because that’s exactly what the issue is. These rioters are the exact thing they are fight against. They started fires, destroyed cars, broke into buildings, and assaulted tons of MILO fans. Ironically, the rioters called everyone else Nazis.

“I asked them ‘what did he say that made this guy a Nazi?’ and nobody knew,” Shield’s told Breitbart. “They were like ‘oh, he said some racist stuff,’ and I asked, ‘what racist stuff did he say?’ and no one knew. They were just mindless… It was really insane.”

Shields also mentioned how he attempted to get help from police but was prevented from doing so:


“More chaos started happening, so I went up to the police and tried bringing them back, but they were just like ‘we’re not really going over there. You should just stay away.’ I don’t know if they were taking orders from someone or if they were just being lazy. I don’t know what the situation was, but it was pathetic to watch. Our police, who are supposed to defend the citizens of Berkeley. It’s a sad scene that they would allow that.”

It does seem odd that we didn’t deploy the police or at very least a small national guard unit. However, there will always be more details that we can’t see or know. What do you think about these rioters calling everyone but themselves Nazis?

Source: Brietbart.com


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