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New DNC Chair “Feels the Bern”

New DNC Chair “Feels the Bern”

This month marks the beginning of the spring Democrat Rally tour with DNC leaders and Senator Bernie Sanders. The Senator is so popular that during a rally the DNC chairman was supposed to speak first and when announced was booed. You can watch the video below but this is only the beginning of Perez’s problems.

Newly elected Democratic National Committee chairman, Tom Perez, just had to “feel the Bern.” He was visibly rattled in an interview on Tuesday when a reporter pressed him on Senator Bernie Sander’s decision to keep his email list of supporters to himself and not share them with the Democratic Party. MSNBC’s Mark Halperin directly asked Perez, “Why doesn’t the DNC yet have Senator Sander’s email list?” He almost entirely ignored the question. The reality of the answer gets to the core of the deep divisions in the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders had already drawn attention to the divide within the party when he refused to deny on CNN Sunday that he was keeping his list out of DNC hands. He recognized the gulf between DNC leadership and the “progressive” activist wing that propelled Sanders to near victory in the presidential primary. Sanders told CNN anchor, Jake Tapper, “We are going to support those candidates that have the guts to stand up to the one-percent and fight for the ninety-nine percent.”

The DNC Chairman’s response to Halperin’s direct question was certainly not as smooth as he would have hoped. “Well I’m meeting, actually, later this week, with Senator Sanders” was the best that Perez could offer in response. To be fair, Tom Perez did not have to face such intense media scrutiny in his previous role as Obama’s Secretary of Labor. He did make an attempt to get the focus off of Bernie’s reluctance to join the party fully and put it on growing Democratic Party unity against President Trump. He told Halperin, “The President is a unifier.”

Watch the video clip of Tom Perez and then give us your thoughts about Bernie’s unwillingness to share his list of supporters with the DNC.


Credit: The Daily Caller


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