Home News Singer Drops Cover Up To Reveal BOLD Political Statement On Dress

Singer Drops Cover Up To Reveal BOLD Political Statement On Dress

Singer Drops Cover Up To Reveal BOLD Political Statement On Dress

We all knew the Grammys were going to take a political spin this year, but Joy Villa surprised us all with her political statement that didn’t come in the form of words at all.

Joy Villa entered the Grammys with a beautiful white cover-up, but underneath was the most political dressed I’ve ever seen. As she dropped her cover-up, she revealed a bright blue, “Make America Great Again,” dress. Surrounding the bottom was bold letters spelling out Trump.

You can imagine the response from the liberal majority in the room. Filipino-born designer Andre Soriano described the dress as “a tribute to OUR President of the United States.” The statement is partially directed at the liberal artists who say Trump isn’t their President. Villa urged her followers to “see the person over the politics.” However, despite her view, I don’t think the feminist and vegan would consider herself a Trump fan.

However, she did write the following making one assume she was freely expressing her view of Trump:

“Sometimes you just gotta be free to express yourself. Thank you to all of my supporters and fellow believers. Life is about living free and loving it. Be your beautiful selves tonight!”

She continued:

“Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree. See the person over the politics, carry yourself with dignity, always. Life is made to be lived, so go boldly and give no effs.”

Her dress obviously didn’t go over well with the various left-sided artists at the Grammys but it did do her some good. In 2014, her album “I Make the Static” was ranked a lousy 543,502 on Amazon. After the Grammys, that same album increased a shocking 54,350,100 percent bringing her to No. 1 in Amazon!


Sometimes sticking to your values really does pay off. What do you think about her dress? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Daily Wire | IJR


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