Home National News Women Captured After Creating Terror At Capitol Hill With Car

Women Captured After Creating Terror At Capitol Hill With Car

Women Captured After Creating Terror At Capitol Hill With Car

Tensions ran high this morning near the U.S. Capitol as police officers apprehended an aggressive female driver near 100 Independence Avenue.

The driver was spotted at 9:22 a.m. for dangerous and suspicious behavior, according to U.S. Capitol Police communications director Eva Malecki, who reported the incident at Bartholdi Park. In the midst of the officers’ attempts to halt the driver, she navigated a U-turn to escape and collided with another vehicle after coming close to hitting several officers.

Police fired shots during the chase of the female suspect, but no individuals were injured in the process of her arrest. Capitol Police notified Hill staffers in the midst of her pursuit. As a result, several House office buildings were put on temporary lockdown, but have now ended.

The female driver’s vehicle was finally stopped at Washington and Independence Avenue, and she was arrested at 3rd and Independence Avenue after attempting to flee on foot.

Malecki states that the case is being examined in its preliminary stages. For now, the act appears to be criminal in nature with no threat of terrorism, although the FBI has not found clear evidence of the suspect’s motive or intention.

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, released the following statement after the events of the day:


“I appreciate the efforts that the Capitol Police and others took. You literally watched people put their lives in harm’s way today to protect tourists and other citizens.  It’s reassuring to know so many brave men and women are willing to make sure that the city stays safe.”

The Capitol complex is now remaining open to the public, in spite of slight traffic cuts on Independence Avenue, according to police. The U.S. Capitol Police Criminal Investigations are on the case and will be releasing more information as warranted.

Credit: ABC News


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