Home National News BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Shuts Down Trump!

BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Shuts Down Trump!

BREAKING:  9th Circuit Court of Appeals Shuts Down Trump!

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals finally finished their hearings on President Trump’s temporary travel suspension and the result isn’t what the right was hoping for. As of this evening, everyone from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia are allowed to enter the US again.

The three-judge panel unanimously rejected the Justice Department’s request to lift the restraining order blocking authorities from carrying out Trump’s order. “[T]he emergency motion for a stay pending appeal is denied,” the court said in their ending statements.

Although Trump can choose to move the issue to the Supreme Court, the result would be uncertain because of the missing Supreme Court Justice. As it stands currently, the high court is split evenly between the Democratic and Republican judges.

While the ruling has been made, it’s anything but final. According to a statement by Politico:

“The appeals court ruling is not a final one on the legality of Trump’s order. Litigation on that subject will go forward before the Seattle judge and in about 20 other legal challenges pending across the country.”

Shortly after the decision was made, Trump took to Twitter with a statement that alludes to the fact that he will continue with legal actions. Read his post below:


Washington and Minnesota lawyer, Noah Purcell, argued that if the temporary ban was to ever be reinstated, it would minimize the large role the court plays in keeping executive branch abuses at bay. He went on to say that placing the ban back into place would “throw this country back into chaos.”

The decision has people upset and angry and it has others rejoicing. What do you think about the most recent decision by the courts? Let us know in the comments below!


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