Home Politics Fake News! Man Lies About Mothers Death To Bash Trump

Fake News! Man Lies About Mothers Death To Bash Trump

Fake News! Man Lies About Mothers Death To Bash Trump

Earlier this week an Iraqi-American man posted something online that spread like wildfire. He claimed that his mother had died because of the President’s executive order on immigrants. Before anyone could check the facts, the story blew up and ended up being retold by social media users and news reporters alike.

However, the story was nothing more than a claim. The man’s local mosque told Detroit Fox 2 that the entire thing fake. Fox 2 retold how the man claimed he had to leave behind his mother:

“Hager said he was returning home with his family that included his sick mom. They were returning home to the United States where his mother has lived since 1995. As they were waiting in line at the airport in Iraq on Friday, he was told that he could pass through because he was a U.S. citizen. But his family members – including his mom – weren’t allowed, despite holding green cards.”

They continued…

“’I was just shocked. I had to put my mom back on the wheelchair and take her back and call the ambulance and she was very very upset. She knew right there if we send her back to the hospital she’s going to pass away – she’s not going to make it,’ Hager said.

Sadly, he was right. He said Naimma, who lived in the United States since 1995, wasn’t allowed to come home and he said she died in her native country. Hager said if it weren’t for the order, his mom would still be alive today.

He blames her death on President Trump.”

The story was a clear attempt at pushing back at the Trump administration for banning immigration temporarily. Ironically, the countries banned are only those deemed problematic by the Obama administration. The mosque’s leader directly spoke to Fox 2 who reported the entire TRUE story:

The leader of a mosque in Dearborn has confirmed to FOX 2 that a man who claimed his mother died in Iraq after being barred from returning to the United States under a ban instituted by President Trump this weekend, lied to FOX 2 about when her death occurred.

Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, leader of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn, says Mike Hager’s mom did not pass away this weekend after being barred from traveling to the United States. The Imam confirms that Hager’s mother died before the ban was put in place.

Fox continued saying:

After the story aired on FOX 2 and was posted on FOX2Detroit.com, we received many questions about the validity of Hager’s claims that his mother died waiting to be approved to come home. FOX 2 has confirmed that his mother died five days earlier.

This is just one of a million stories that are being faked over the year. When will it stop? How will it stop? We want to hear your opinion on the fake news that keeps circling. What do you think about how it affects life?


Source: Breibart.com


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