Home News Australian Prime Minister Stunning Phone Call and Stands Up To Trump

Australian Prime Minister Stunning Phone Call and Stands Up To Trump

Australian Prime Minister Stunning Phone Call and Stands Up To Trump

A recent phone conversation between President Trump and the Australian Prime Minister ended abruptly after the two got into a heated argument.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called President Trump last Saturday to discuss an agreement made in the last administration that allowed 1,250 refugees to come into America from an Australian detention center.

After Washington Post posted details about the call, Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday night to express his anger with the previous administration for such a “dumb deal.”

The conversation was anything but smooth sailing but the President was essentially forced to keep the agreement set in place by the Obama administration. Although there are concerns about the dangers of bringing in that many refugees, there is also dangers to breaking a deal with another country.

The New York Times reported information from a senior Trump official saying:

“A senior Trump administration official said the president told Mr. Turnbull on Saturday that the refugees could include the “next Boston bombers.” He also said he was “going to get killed” politically by the deal, given that the day before he signed an executive order to stem the refugee flow into the United States and refuse visas for all citizens from seven Muslim countries.”

The official also said the call was shorter than planned because of an abrupt ending by President Trump after the Prime Minister said it was necessary for the refugees to be accepted. The call was verified by a senior Trump administration official who wished to stay anonymous as he was not given permission to disclose diplomatic talks.

The Prime Minister did comment on the call during an Australian press briefing saying:

“I’ve seen the report,” speaking of the Washington Post details, “and I’m not going to comment on the conversation, as you know and as was confirmed by the president’s official spokesman in the White House, the president assured me that he would continue with, honor the agreement we entered into with the Obama administration with respect to refugee resettlement.”

Despite the disagreement and tension, the Prime Minister said the relationship between the United States and Australia still remains strong:


“I can assure you the relationship is very strong,” Mr. Turnbull said. “The fact that we received the assurance that we did, the fact that it was confirmed, the very extensive engagement we have with the new administration underlines the closeness of the alliance.”

The result may not be what Trump desired, but he is maintaining peace in a difficult situation. Hopefully, another deal can be struck that makes both parties happy. What do you think about this situation between Australia and the United States?

Source: The New York Times


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