Home Politics Trump on Firing Rampage…You’ll Never Guess Who He Kicked Now!

Trump on Firing Rampage…You’ll Never Guess Who He Kicked Now!

Trump on Firing Rampage…You’ll Never Guess Who He Kicked Now!

The cleaning of the White House is far underway with just 11 days under the Trump Administration. Social media exploded yesterday with the news that President Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Her terminated employment is due to her refusal to enforce travel bans on seven countries.

According to CNBC:

“In a blistering statement announcing Yates’ replacement, the White House cited Yates’ memo earlier in the day ordering to Justice Department lawyers not to go to court to defend sharp restrictions Trump ordered last week on immigration from seven majority Muslim countries.”

Trump’s cleaning of the White House didn’t stop with Yates either. ICE Director Daniel Ragsdale was also being replaced by Thomas Homan. Homan was ICE’s executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations. We doubt this will be the end of the firings but a good cleaning of the White House could be handy.

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly talked about Homan saying:

“I am confident that he will continue to serve as a strong, effective leader for the men and women of ICE.”

These fast and drastic actions are sure to make the left liberals ignite with rage. For many, it’s a reminder of Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre.” Nixon eliminated people who were in high authority in the midst of the Watergate scandal resulting in the ‘Massacre.’ President Trump is NOT doing the same thing.

Trump is draining the disgusting pool of politicians who won’t uphold the very laws we believe in. The beginning of a unique era is upon us and it could get a little rough. What do you think about Trump’s decision to fire people at such a high level? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: AllenBWest.com


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