Home Politics Trump’s Mic Drop Statement At CPAC Leaves Conservatives Jumping For Joy

Trump’s Mic Drop Statement At CPAC Leaves Conservatives Jumping For Joy

Trump’s Mic Drop Statement At CPAC Leaves Conservatives Jumping For Joy

President Trump’s attendance at the CPAC on Friday left many conservatives upset and unsure of the conference. But despite the lack of joy that the attendees possessed, one thing did seem to cheer them up.

“It’s time for all Americans to get off welfare and get back to work. You’re gonna love! You’re gonna love it!!”

Those were the words President Trump used to elicit one of the biggest applauses of the event. He went on to encourage everyone that the administration would work to reduce roadblocks and regulations that often prevents productivity. His solution was to sign an executive order that set up “watchdog” committees in federal agencies that would release some of these burdensome regulations.

Trump also highlighted his plan to decrease welfare by creating more manufacturing jobs. The Trump administration plans to increase these jobs in locations like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. NAM CEO Jay Timmons released a statement saying:

“I have to tell you, manufacturers are encouraged and optimistic about the future because of this commitment from the top … Go to a shop floor in Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or Michigan, or Wisconsin. What you see is folks who are optimistic and proud that they have national leaders who are focused on their livelihoods, and are committed to ensuring that those jobs are a priority for the United States government.”

It’s no surprise that people want more jobs, but the challenge is getting people off of welfare and back working. According to Census.gov, 21.3% of Americans are using government assistance programs each month. Granted, some of these people are unable to work and therefore need welfare. However, some are simply unable to get jobs. These are the people we need to help.

Hopefully, this initiative planned by the Trump administration will create jobs and minimize the welfare that isn’t needed. What are your thoughts on Trump’s decision to eliminate welfare? We want to hear your thoughts!


Credit: Independent Journal Review


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