Home News The Neat Way Patrick Stewart Wants To Fight President Trump

The Neat Way Patrick Stewart Wants To Fight President Trump

The Neat Way Patrick Stewart Wants To Fight President Trump
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 02: Patrick Stewart attends the Build Series Presents Hugh Jackman And Patrick Stewart Discussing "Logan" at Build Studio on March 2, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Actor Patrick Stewart, best known for his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the movie X-Men, recently told hosts from “The View” that he would be applying for U.S. Citizenship in an effort to fight against President Trump.

In a recent trip to Washington D.C., Stewart tweeted about his worst night sleep in years:

“Had the worst sleep of my life last night. But I was sleeping less than 300 yds from where Donald Trump sleeps. Could there be a connection?”

The tweet caught a lot of attention so Stewart addressed his post on “The View,” saying it was “fairly innocent” and it “did not directly insult [their] president. Whoopi Goldberg, of course, came out and said, “Not mine.” The phrase has been used as a hashtag, most conservatives hate that term because that’s what democracy is.

Another host, Joy Behar, asked Stewart if he would be willing to take Trump off of the American’s hands to which he said, “We have our own problems.”

Then Stewart revealed his plan for citizenship. “I’m not a [United States] citizen. However, there is, maybe it’s the only good thing, as the result of this election: I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American too.”

Since Trump has no concerns over legal immigration, I’m not sure how this is going against him. Either way, one more actor upset at the President shouldn’t do much.


Credit: The Hill


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