Home News A New Add-On to the Administration Is Pledging to Be An Enforcer

A New Add-On to the Administration Is Pledging to Be An Enforcer

A New Add-On to the Administration Is Pledging to Be An Enforcer

As he becomes a national security advisor, John Bolton knows that he is being portrayed as a militant.

According to sources, he is trying to build internal credibility, however, with a well researched, lower-decibel approach.

Bolton is reportedly aiming to be seen more as an honest broker for the war cabinet, and less as a blatant military advocate.

One source familiar with Bolton’s thinking talked about his plan. The source said, “When the president makes a decision, obviously the principals on the National Security Council are supposed to carry it out. But it’s the job of the national security adviser to be the enforcer and to make sure that it happens.”

By working in the West Wing, Bolton spends more time with the president than the secretaries of State or Defense. Bolton, although is signaling restraint until Trump makes a decision.

Bolton allegedly sees Trump as his client. One source said, “For a corporate client or even an individual, you have to be absolutely objective about what the strengths and weaknesses of your case are.You’ve got to be able to lay out for the client where the pitfalls are, what the possible returns are, what the possible risks are in the litigation, so that the client can make a decision. Bolton sees the job as ‘making sure the president knows what the cost-benefit analysis of the various options is going on — and then, coming out, making sure that the decision is enforced.'”

Several prominent Republicans and Democrats have raised concerns about Bolton’s belligerent rhetoric in recent days. Many predict that he will drag America into new wars.

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Credit: Axios


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