Home News New Damning Documents Show Comey May Be In Trouble

New Damning Documents Show Comey May Be In Trouble

New Damning Documents Show Comey May Be In Trouble

The FBI released emails on Monday that seem to confirm that former FBI Director James Comey drafted statements about the Hillary Clinton email investigation months before the investigation was closed. The Federal Bureau released a file that was titled “Drafts of Director Comey’s July 5, 2016, Statement Regarding Email Server Investigation,” on their Freedom of Information Act website. You can read and download them here.

The controversial file includes an email Comey sent on May 2, 2016, to fellow FBI officials about the Clinton email probe, which they internally gave the codename “Midyear Exam.”

Comey’s statements were initially revealed in late August by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. They are both members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The statements by Comey seem to indicate that he had already made conclusions about the Clinton investigation months before he had even interviewed the former secretary of state. Comey’s draft was prepared before other witnesses had been interviewed as well, and before the Justice Department had made immunity deals with Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson.

This prompted Grassely and Graham to write the FBI in August, “Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s no way to run an investigation.”

The senators wanted more information about Comey’s drafts. “The outcome of an investigation should not be prejudged while FBI agents are still hard at work trying to gather the facts,” they added.

Three days after Clinton was interviewed by FBI investigators, Comey then announced on July 5, 2016, that he would not be recommending charges against the presidential nominee for mishandling classified information on her private email server.

The statement by Comey caused his chief of staff, James Rybicki, to forward the draft to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI official Peter Strzock, the chief investigator on the Clinton probe, and several other FBI officials. On May 16, 2016, he asked these officials for comments on the Comey document. “Please send me any comments on this statement so we may roll into a master doc for discussion with the Director at a future date.”

Does this information change your opinion on James Comey?

Credit: The Daily Caller


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