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New Report May Explain Why Flynn Wanted Immunity for Testifying

New Report May Explain Why Flynn Wanted Immunity for Testifying

It’s becoming more and more clear why former national security adviser Michael Flynn was seeking immunity for his willingness to testify. Additionally, this may also be why he blew off the Senate today. According to a recent report from the Miami Herald claims, Flynn pushed to delay a plan to retake the ISIS stronghold in the city of Raqqa because the country of Turkey opposed the move. The Obama administration started the process and because it would not be carried out until Trump was in office, his team was given information about the plan. Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, informed President-elect Trump of the Pentagon plan to arm Syrian Kurdish forces so they could help retake Raqqa from ISIS soldiers. The Syrian Kurdish forces were considered the U.S.’s most capable military partners by the Pentagon.

Flynn told Rice to delay approving the mission until the Trump team was in office. His rationale for that decision was not recorded. We know that Turkey had angrily objected to U.S. support of Syrian Kurdish forces in the past. They argued that to arm this army was to help a group that attacks a fellow NATO member. The Syrian Kurdish forces have ties to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and they are considered a terrorist group by Turkey and well as the U.S. and the European Union. And we also know that Michael Flynn is under investigation for lobbying for Turkey during the presidential campaign without declaring it. He has admitted that he received more than $500,000 for his work representing Turkey.

Now members of Congress are speculating about Flynn’s impending legal difficulties and how the exchange with Rice is the most severe. As the U.S. National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn may have been acting on behalf of another country from which he had received a lot of money when making a military decision. Apparently, there have been some private congressional conversations where the word “treason” may even have been uttered. Experts doubt that his actions actually qualify for such a charge.

And now it is known that the Trump administration knew about Flynn being under investigation weeks before Trump’s inauguration, and he was appointed to his position anyway. This certainly impacts the story of President Trump’s request to then FBI Director Comey for him to drop the Flynn investigation.

His actions may not be treason however, they are highly suspicious.
What do you think about Flynn’s actions? What do you think about Trump appointing him in spite of his past activities?


Credit: Miami Herald


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