Home News News Outlet Report About Tension Between Trump and A Key Member of His Cabinet

News Outlet Report About Tension Between Trump and A Key Member of His Cabinet

News Outlet Report About Tension Between Trump and A Key Member of His Cabinet

Tensions are building in Washington, DC as the White House braces for former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday. Some sources have told news outlets that the relationship between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become so intense that the Attorney General has even suggested that he could resign.

The distance between Trump and Sessions comes from the attorney general’s quick decision in March to recuse himself from anything related to the Russian investigation. The president only learned about Session’s decision moments before he made it publicly. Several sources have indicated that Session’s decision is one of the major disappointments of Trump’s presidency so far and something that he just can’t stop fixating on. Trump’s agitation and even anger over Session’s recusal simply won’t diminish over time. Some sources have said that Trump has lashed out repeatedly at the attorney general in private meetings. He seems to blame Session’s recusal for the expanded investigations now being overseen by Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Now with Sessions offering to resign, it is clear that tension is high from both directions. When Justice Department spokesperson, Sarah Isgur Flores, was asked if the attorney general had threatened or offered to resign, she declined to comment. As you will see in the video posted below, when White House press secretary Sean Spicer was asked if the president still had confidence in his attorney general, he could not say. “I have not had that discussion with him,” Spicer said.

Spicer was specifically asked, “So you can’t say if he has confidence in his attorney general?”

Spicer responded: “I said I have not had a discussion with him on the question. I don’t, If I haven’t had a discussion about a subject, I tend not to speak about it.”

Do you think Jeff Sessions will, in fact, resign his position as Attorney General? What would the implications be for the Trump administration if he does? We look forward to your comments on this emerging story.


Credit: ABC News


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