Home News Newspaper Is Claiming Nefarious Dealings During Russia Meeting At the White House Last Week

Newspaper Is Claiming Nefarious Dealings During Russia Meeting At the White House Last Week

Newspaper Is Claiming Nefarious Dealings During Russia Meeting At the White House Last Week

On Monday night the Washington Post released a report from an “anonymous” that claimed the President shared classified information with the Russian’s during a meeting last week. The information came from a source that “did not give the USA” permission to share. The Washington Post reports:

President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week, according to current and former U.S. officials, who said Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.
The information the president relayed had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said.
The partner had not given the United States permission to share the material with Russia, and officials said Trump’s decision to do so endangers cooperation from an ally that has access to the inner workings of the Islamic State. After Trump’s meeting, senior White House officials took steps to contain the damage, placing calls to the CIA and the National Security Agency.
“This is code-word information,” said a U.S. official familiar with the matter, using terminology that refers to one of the highest classification levels used by American spy agencies. Trump “revealed more information to the Russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies.”
The revelation comes as the president faces rising legal and political pressure on multiple Russia-related fronts. Last week, he fired FBI Director James B. Comey in the midst of a bureau investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and Moscow. Trump’s subsequent admission that his decision was driven by “this Russia thing” was seen by critics as attempted obstruction of justice.
One day after dismissing Comey, Trump welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak — a key figure in earlier Russia controversies — into the Oval Office. It was during that meeting, officials said, that Trump went off script and began describing details of an Islamic State terrorist threat related to the use of laptop computers on aircraft.
For almost anyone in government, discussing such matters with an adversary would be illegal. As president, Trump has broad authority to declassify government secrets, making it unlikely that his disclosures broke the law.
White House officials involved in the meeting said Trump discussed only shared concerns about terrorism.
“The president and the foreign minister reviewed common threats from terrorist organizations to include threats to aviation,” said H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, who participated in the meeting. “At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed, and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly.”

If you would like to read the entire report from the Washington Post you can read it here.
First, the President does have the right as the report states to share information, additionally any information given to the government is property of the USA.
Secondly, enough with the anonymous sources! If this guy is breaking the law stop being a coward by leaking the information. Use the whistle blower act to your advantage and come out with it. Many would consider that person a hero, and they would be protected. Who ever this “source” may be they are doing more harm to this country by staying in the shadows than coming out with the truth. If there truly is illegal activity it needs to be stopped.
Which could mean this could be a Democrat operative inside the government and is spreading lies in which case this is equally disturbing.
This is why we are calling for ALL information regardless of how “sensitive” it is to be declassified and public hearings begin. No more anonymous leakers, no more partisan games, just the fact and nothing more. In the event, it is discovered you broke the law you go to jail regardless of position or party.

Source: Washington Post



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