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Newsweek Calls “Madam President Clinton” Before Election Day Because Of A “Business Decision”


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been hitting the media and the political establishment hard accusing them both of bias and rigging of the election. Now he has some additional evidence.

Newsweek has created a commemorative issue of their magazine ready to hit the stands on Wednesday. The cover proudly announces the new President-elect and the candidate’s journey to victory.

But claims of bias rung through the airwaves, across social media, and on conservative websites after the printed version was seen. Even before election day arrived, stores already had it in their hands. “Madame President” it reads including a smiling photo of Hillary Clinton. Conservatives expressed their outrage claiming the cover as proof of the bias and rigged election we have heard so much about in recent weeks.

CNN quickly sought to ease concerns of voters and supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The media giant reached out to Newsweek editor Jim Impoco for comment. He quickly sent a photo of two covers of the commemorative edition to be released on Wednesday. One declares Clinton the winner and the other declares Trump the winner. Newsweek claimed that they prepared two editions, one for each candidate, so they would be ready for sale as soon as possible. CNN compared this practice to vendors at the recent World Series who had items ready for sale with both teams announced as the winner.

The problem with this theory is that vendors at the World Series have items for both teams ready to sell immediately. In this case, Newsweek only printed and distributed the Clinton cover and not the Trump cover. The magazine claims this was due to poll numbers which indicated Clinton will win overwhelmingly.

But everyday voters are not buying that. The recent trove of documents released by WikiLeaks highlight the close relationship between the Clinton campaign and the media including sharing debate questions, interview questions and collaborating on “news” stories.


No doubt, if Trump wins the election, Newsweek leaders will have egg on their faces and will have wasted a lot of money.


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