Home National News North Korea Boasts New Unit To Take Down American SEALs

North Korea Boasts New Unit To Take Down American SEALs

North Korea Boasts New Unit To Take Down American SEALs

Kim Jong-un’s new “Lightning Death Squad” commandos are allegedly ready to take on America’s Navy SEALs if President Trump attempts an undercover operation to overthrow their dictator.

The revealing of this “elite” military group happened during the Day of the Sun military parade in Pyongyang. The closed country’s TV station announced the special operation force during their 105th anniversary of the founder’s birth. Ironically, shortly after boasting their missiles in the parade, one of those missiles exploded upon launch.

The special forces officers marched in formation while wearing camouflage and black sunglasses. Each member carried a new type of rifle which included a grenade launcher and night-vision goggles according to the North Korea tv report.

KCNA TV announcer pridefully stated the following:

“Once Supreme Commander Kim Jong-un issues an order; they will charge with resolve to thrust a sword through the enemy’s heart like lightning over Mount Paektu.”

North Korea’s creation of a special forces unit is most likely a result of rumors stating that the United States will issue an operation to take out North Korean Leadership. However, while it may seem like America isn’t doing anything, it’s foolish to think nothing is happening. During this year’s annual joint military drills, the US Navy SEAL team that killed bin Laden joined Seoul and American forces to practice a scenario of removing North Korean leadership.

According to media during the parade, North Korea Col Gen Kim Yong-Bok is heading up the special operations unit. Kim seemed very pleased as he saluted and waved as his soldiers’ march by him. But, those guys are probably about as good as their recent missile test.


Credit: Dailystar


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