Home National News North Korea Issues Disturbing Threat To US As Naval Strike Group Approaches

North Korea Issues Disturbing Threat To US As Naval Strike Group Approaches

North Korea Issues Disturbing Threat To US As Naval Strike Group Approaches

The U.S. is now facing pushback from North Korea after President Trump deployed a strike team to the area.

When North Korea launched a ballistic missile last Wednesday, the U.S. responded by sending out the massive USS Carl Vinson. The 97,000-ton ship was led by guided missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain and followed up by two destroyers: USS Wayne E. Meyer and USS Michael Murphy. Naval forces boldly entered Korea’s region declaring that they would do whatever they saw fit to fight against North Korea’s “reckless acts of aggression.”

Korean officials from Pyongyang released a defensive statement to CNN in resistance to U.S. defense:

“We will make the US fully accountable for the catastrophic consequences that may be brought about by its high-handed and outrageous acts.”

The North Korean government also released a statement on Wednesday saying that North Korea will respond to American aggression with a massive nuclear retaliation in response to any provocation by U.S. forces, promising that it will

“We will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions,” the statement released Tuesday concluded. A version of the statement in Korean said the country will “not miss a chance to sweep the imperialist group with a nuclear fire of justice.”

Although U.S. allies Japan and South Korea support the actions taken, China doesn’t seem to have the same mindset. Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, explained on Sunday that China was very aware of the magnitude of North Korean nuclear power as well as the need to come against the program’s continuation. It has been reported that on Wednesday Beijing did contact President Trump and say they would work with the US to stop the “North Korean Problem.”

Trump expressed his conviction on Twitter:

It appears that the previous tweet and the President strike on Syria may have pushed Beijing to cooperate more.

According to Trump, he encouraged the Chinese President to take action to solve what he called the “North Korea problem:”

In an interview with CNN, former CIA head and National Security Agency Gen. Michael Hayden explained that efforts by the US alone to stop North Korea’s nuclear program altogether might be futile:

“No matter what we do there is this move by North Korea to build missiles and put weapons on top of missiles… The best we can do is box it where it is right now.”

Questions from analysts have arisen about how exactly the US will move forward with the Vinson. Bruce Bennett, an analyst from Rand Corp think tank went into detail about the warships that accompanied the Venson and their ability to intercept future missiles:


“If North Korea were to test some number of ballistic missiles by firing them into the East Sea/Sea of Japan, these warships would have the potential of intercepting the North Korean test missile.”

Such interception from the US would protect and profit allies Japan and South Korea, while being defensive in nature, according to analysts.

Trump’s administration has also considered striking North Korea directly, but details about the scope and capability of the attack group remain unclear

Important questions still stand as to how exactly the Pentagon plans to proceed with the Vinson group in place. One thing for sure is that North Korea is feeling the pressure, and tension is rising at Trump’s attempts to stop what the entire world can agree is stirring up trouble.

Credit: CNN


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