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North Korea Satellite Images Show A Daunting Possibility

North Korea Satellite Images Show A Daunting Possibility

As the carrier strike group has now arrived at the Korea peninsula satellite images, show a scary possibility.

On Wednesday the President reported that he did receive a phone from China in support of stopping North Korea’s nuclear threat. The phone call shortly after his meeting with the Chinese Prime Minister when the President decided to strike Syria. During the pre-recorded interview, President Trump mentioned that he was sending an entire armada to North Korea. The information was reported via Chris Snyder:

From the look of it, Trump isn’t playing around. He’s already used an airstrike to show the reality of the situation. It’s doubtful that he is bluffing at this stage of the game. Another reason to suspect this is that the carrier group sent has ships that can destroy missiles.

Recent satellite images obtained by the New York Times show that North Korea is maybe planning for another detonation soon in its quest for nuclear weapons. The NY Times reports:

The left is the Jan 5, 2017, debris field and the right is the debris field on Jan 22 2017.

Since late 2013, piles of rocky debris from the excavation of the site’s North tunnel system have grown quite large — now big enough to cover a football field, and quite high. It’s the largest pile ever observed there. Work on the excavation has recently slowed, quite likely signaling readiness for the next detonation.
So too, observers of the test site have recently noted a lot of water being pumped out of the North tunnel system – presumably to prevent washouts and keep it dry for test instrumentation. Groundwater is often a problem in tunneling as it can slow progress, weaken structures and cause shorts in electrical gear.

Left is water being drained from tunnel 1/22/2017. The right is water continue to being pumped out 3/28/2017

Scientists at the Los Alamos weapons lab who have studied images of the large debris pile recently concluded that Mount Mantap could withstand a nuclear explosion of up to 282 kilotons – roughly 20 times stronger than the Hiroshima blast. Previously, the largest detonations were in the Hiroshima range. 

Trump has told China to take care of North Korea, but they’re current actions aren’t suggesting they will do anything. The President has been trying to use a trade bonus with the U.S. as an incentive to do something with North Korea. If that doesn’t work, it could mean some serious change for the world.


What do you think will happen if China doesn’t convince North Korea to stand down? Do you think America would take invasion as an option? We’d love to know your thoughts! Comment below!

Credit: The Gateway Pundit | New York Times


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