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North Korea Ups The Ante: Former South Korean President In Danger

North Korea Ups The Ante: Former South Korean President In Danger

North Korea issued a standing order on Wednesday for the execution of South Korea’s imprisoned former president and her aide. In a push for the ex-president to be extradited, the North Korean government called for the “miserable dog’s death.” They declared that the execution orders could be carried out anytime, anywhere and by any means. This amounts to an assassination decree against Park Geun-hye and her aide, Lee Byung-ho (former director of the National Intelligence Service under the Park presidency).
The North Korean statement was issued through their official news agency. It comes two months after the nuclear armed country accused the South Korean intelligence service of conspiring with the C.I.A. to assassinate the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, using biochemical poisons.
“We declare at home and abroad that we will impose death penalty on traitor Park Geun-hye and Mr. Lee,” said the statement from the North’s Ministry of State Security, Ministry of People’s Security and Central Public Prosecutors Office. The statement called the president and her aide’s crime “hideous state-sponsored terrorism.”
On Monday, the Japanese newspaper Asahi, quoted anonymous sources and reported that Ms. Park had approved a plan for the National Intelligence Service to overturn Mr. Kim’s government in 2015. South Korea called the report “groundless.” The relationship between Park’s administration was more heated than other administrations due to North Korea’s attempt to assassinate Park’s father when he was dictator of South Korea almost 50 years ago. Park was a strong advocate of tough sanctions against North Korea. They retaliated by calling her a “snake” and a “prostitute.” And recently, the North Koreans threatened South Korea and the United States with a “nuclear sword of justice.”
President Trump has warned of “a major, major conflict with North Korea,” and has sent a fleet of American warships to Korean waters. North Korean state run news has taken a hostile tone toward Trump, calling him a “war maniac” and a “lunatic.” They also likened Trump’s “America First” policy to “Nazism in the 21st century” and compared the president to Hitler.
This recent assassination order from North Korea aimed at the former South Korean president will most certainly intensify tension regarding the North Korean threat to the world.
Credit: New York Times


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