Home News NSA Leaker Gives A Ridiculous Reason For Why She Stole Classified Information

NSA Leaker Gives A Ridiculous Reason For Why She Stole Classified Information

NSA Leaker Gives A Ridiculous Reason For Why She Stole Classified Information

The National Security Agency contractor who leaked a top secret report about Russian activities during the previous presidential election told FBI agents that the reason she did it was because she was upset that her employer played Fox News on TVs at her office.

“I’ve filed formal complaints about them having Fox News on, you know?” Reality Winner, the NSA contractor, told FBI agents during a June 3rd interview at her home in Augusta, Ga. “Uh, just at least, for God’s sake, put Al Jazeera on, or a slideshow with people’s pets. I’ve tried everything to get that changed.”

Federal prosecutors have charged Winner with mishandling classified information for leaking a top-secret report that revealed evidence that Russian hackers had targeted U.S. voter registration databases. Winner now faces nine years in prison if she is convicted.

Winner, who had a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance, initially denied that she took the document out of the NSA building. But after some pressure from FBI agents, she eventually owned up to printing the document and taking it from the building. Later she sent the document to “The Intercept.” When she was asked how she got it out of the NSA building, she replied that she left with it “folded in half in my pantyhose.”

“Let’s be straight; there’s little to no security on documents. Nobody pats you down,” Winner told the agents.

Reality Winner’s social media postings seem to indicate that it was politics rather than Fox News on her work TV that caused her to leak the documents. Her Facebook page shows that she is a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders and various left-wing causes. She even called President Trump a “piece of sh*t” online.

Winner was frustrated with her job at the NSA. “NSA Georgia was the only job I could get,” Winner told her interviewers.

“I had, you know, seven, eight months left of a job that didn’t mean anything to me because it’s Iran, and I’m a Pashto linguist. Like, what am I doing translating Farsi?” Winner complained.

“I felt really hopeless…seeing that information that had been contested back and forth, back and forth in the public domain for so long, trying to figure out, like, with everything else that keeps getting released and keeps getting leaked — why isn’t this getting…why isn’t this out there? Why can’t this be public?” she said of the top-secret report that she would eventually leak.

So there you have it…Fox News led to the leak of very sensitive NSA information. Really…that was the best she could do?

Credit: Daily Caller


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