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NY State Introduces Bill To Force Trump’s Hand

NY State Introduces Bill To Force Trump’s Hand

Democrats in the state of New York may have just found a way to force President Trump to release his tax returns. The Associated Press has reported that a bill has been introduced in the New York legislature that would require the state to release five years of President Trump’s state tax returns. The proposed law would apply to any president or vice president who files a New York state tax return presently or in the future. The bill would also apply to top state politicians like Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), the attorney general and the two U.S. Senators from New York.

If the bill is passed it would allow New York to release Trump’s state tax return for the 2020 election.

The New York Democrats say that the bill is a chance to force Trump’s hand and make public the tax information that he has been unwilling to release. “This is drawing a line in the sand: Are you for transparency or not?” Senator Brad Hoylman (D) of Manhattan said. “This is an issue of national security.” The Assembly in New York is controlled by the Democratic leadership, so they will most likely support the bill. But the state Senate is controlled by Republicans so that it will face a stiff challenge.

All through the campaign, Trump said that he would not release his tax information because he was under an ongoing audit. The IRS has made it clear that an audit does not prevent anyone from releasing their tax returns. Trump did say that if he were elected, he would release the information, but last week the Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, stated that the president had “no intention” of releasing his tax returns. When President Trump was asked about this issue during an interview with “Face the Nation” on CBS, he said that he hadn’t spoken with Mnuchin about his returns. “I never spoke to him about it. Honestly, he’s never asked me about it,” Trump said.

So it’s possible that New York state can force this issue and make President Trump release his tax information. What do you think about this move? Should a party from an individual state have this much leverage? Should any person, including a president, have the right to keep information private? We would like to see your comments.


Credit: The Hill


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