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NYC Democrat Activists Are Trying to Silence Gun Rights Group

NYC Democrat Activists Are Trying to Silence Gun Rights Group

The Brooklyn Friends of the NRA are planning to hold their second annual dinner to raise money for the National Rifle Association Foundation. It gives grants to shooting sports and other programs across the country. But they are having a little trouble securing a location for their dinner.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, some progressive residents of Brooklyn were angered to learn that an NRA affiliated event would be held in a borough they view as a sanctuary of liberal ideals.

The original restaurant near Coney Island that scheduled this event backed out after receiving pressure from gun rights opponents and the Brooklyn Young Democrats. Then the second venue in Staten Island backed out as well.

The pro-NRA group found a third sport back in Brooklyn, but again neighbors and Democratic groups were able to shut this venue down as well.

So threatening these businesses has absolutely worked in getting this gathering out of there territory so far. But the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA have no intention of backing down and are still working on a place to hold the event. Sources indicate they are exploring a plan D now.

The money raised at this event will not go to any political activity whatsoever. It will go to safety efforts training for sports shooting, to nature conservation for hunting grounds, and to police departments.

One protester of the event, Claire McCue, spoke to the New York Post saying, “It’s surprising also an event that has already been chased out of Coney Island, Staten Island and for them to be successful and have an event here [Park Slope] in my backyard is just something I don’t understand.”

Brooklyn is a borough of 2.6 million people, which is more people than 15 states might have. Not all of those people agree. There are pockets of conservatives is this progressive borough.

So should a majority be allowed to exert pressure and deny service to groups like the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA? Just because opponents have the free speech right to threaten business owners, it doesn’t mean that they should use that right.


Do you think a brave venue should step up and provide a place for this event?

Credit: The Federalist


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