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Obama Official May Have Slipped About Intel Gathering On Trump. She Claims She Was ‘Fake News’d

Obama Official May Have Slipped About Intel Gathering On Trump. She Claims She Was ‘Fake News’d
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 06: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia Evelyn Farkas testifies during a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee May 6, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The committee held a hearing on "Ukraine - Countering Russian Intervention and Supporting a Democratic State." (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The past few months have been riddled with alleged evidence and constant banter regarding Trump’s accusation that former President Obama wiretapped the then Presidential candidate.

But more and more evidence has been coming to light. The problem is, none of it seems to be physical evidence. Recently, Nunes dropped some information which allegedly proved the government “accidently” collected communications from the Trump team. Again, no physical proof has been released to the public. However, the White House announced on Thursday that any lawmaker may come to the White House to review the documents. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Schiff will go to the White House and examine the “evidence.”

However, stacking on top of Nunes’ claim, a former senior Obama administration official has verified the Obama administration was gathering intelligence.

According to Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, several co-workers were reeling in as much intelligence on the Trump team as they could. They also attempted to hide any found information from the upcoming administration. Farkas released this information on March 2nd during an interview with MSNBC:

“I was urging my former colleagues and, frankly speaking, the people on the Hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration. Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left, so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy.”

After Farkas comments had been discovered, she went on MSNBC to clarify her statements. We scoured the internet to find her rebuttal to her original statement however we couldn’t find it. But here is a transcript obtained from “Media Matters”:

KATE SNOW: Yeah, and let me pick up on that with Evelyn Farkas. When you look at these two congressional investigations and the FBI investigation, and the Senate, as Kasie [Hunt] says, seeming to move ahead more quickly and in a more orderly way, I think you could say, more bipartisan way, are you confident that the Senate is going get somewhere before anyone else?
The statement isn’t anything new, but it is coming to light which will force political figures to make their next move. It seems like more and more “coincidental” information has been released which makes one wonder, “is there truth behind President Trump’s claim?
EVELYN FARKAS: Yeah. So I think one important thing, Kate, you know, we heard – we’ve been using the word “process.” And process is really important because process can help keep the politics down to minimum. And so, what the Senate’s doing, by laying out the facts publicly so that we can all understand what’s the base understanding that they have with regard to Russia and Russia’s intentions towards the United States and our elections. I think that’s a very professional, sober way to approach this. The House has committed too many process fouls. So I think they’re done, in effect. It’s all up to the Senate. But I would argue that we may still need to have an independent bipartisan investigation. We’ll have to just see what happens with the Senate.

And on the dark campaign of fake news, you know, that’s still ongoing. We see even someone like myself get swept up in all of this. You know, when people like me are speaking on behalf of process, people spin to it suit their needs. And I think it may be that the Russians are behind even such fake news today.

SNOW: Evelyn, let me jump in on that because Sean Spicer did bring you up and your name up in the press briefing. He talked about something you said on Morning Joe. I want to play that sound and get your reaction.

SEAN SPICER: We are not going to engage actively in that kind of leaking that has been a problem. In fact, if you look at the – Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense that is out there, Evelyn Farkas, she made it clear that it was their goal to spread this information around, that they went around and did this. And she said, quote, “That’s why there are so many leaks.” They have admitted on the record that this was their goal, to leak stuff. And they – literally she said on the record, “Trump’s team.” There are serious questions out there about what happened and why and who did it. And I think that’s really where our focus is and making sure that that information gets out.

SNOW: Evelyn, your reaction?

FARKAS: So there’s a total distortion of what I said and what I was talking about. I was talking about the fact that I was – I was outside of government, I no access to intelligence on this whatsoever – but I was concerned because I knew how the Russians operate and I was reading these reports about them hacking into the elections and then giving information to Wikipedia [sic] and that Trump people, Trump team people, were going to Moscow. And you know, there was a lot of reporting on this. And so, I got worried that the process wasn’t being followed with regard to Capitol Hill, with regard to Congress, because it wasn’t clear to me that the White House was keeping them in the loop. And that was really important, especially since we were about to have a transition in the government.

What do you think? Let us know if you think Trump is right in blaming the Obama administration for spying on him. If the intelligence is was good to agree with the Obama Administration spying?


Credit: Fox News


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