Home News Obama Warns Americans Against Trump And Nationalism

Obama Warns Americans Against Trump And Nationalism

Obama Warns Americans Against Trump And Nationalism

Former President Barack Obama said goodbye to the White House over five months ago, but he can’t seem to let some of those old habits go.
After he had left the White House, Obama and his family enjoyed some vacation before Barack started traveling and supporting things like “the resistance.” In his traveling, he continues to bash Americans in this passive-aggressive way.
You can see this on his latest trip to Indonesia where he said, “It’s been clear for a while that the world is at crossroads. At an inflection point.” While in Indonesia, he warned Americans about being too Patriotic, as it could “increase resentment of minority groups.”
Obama’s true concern is that citizens of the United States will create an “aggressive kind of nationalism.” This nationalism is the antithesis of the aggressive form of Globalism Obama pushed during his presidency. The last eight years of globalism has crippled the United States of America greatly. And that Globalism ushered in the now President Donald Trump.
It’s kind of humorous how polar opposite Trump and Obama are. While Trump has used independence weekend to boast the “God-given” rights of Americans, Obama is running around the world saying Americans need to put less focus on our nationalism.
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Credit: US Herald


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