Home News One Question Causes An Eruption Between CNN’s Don Lemon and Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy

One Question Causes An Eruption Between CNN’s Don Lemon and Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy

One Question Causes An Eruption Between  CNN’s Don Lemon and Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy

A simple question from CNN’s Don Lemon to Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy about an email describing possible contact between Trump and Russia erupted into a heated dialogue about media bias. Ruddy started his comments by saying that he didn’t want to “pop” Lemon’s balloon, and the CNN host shot back that there was no balloon, just a question.

Chris Ruddy questioned why the news about an email sent by Michael Cohen to a Kremlin spokesperson about a real estate deal is such a big deal. He said that its “total BS” and it proves that there was “no collusion.”

In the heated exchange triggered about the President’s business connections, Lemon brought up Trump’s tax returns, and Ruddy said that the president is not obliged to release them just because the press wants him to, however, he should release them.

Ruddy stood firm insisting that this report dismantles any collusion argument and that the media is pushing an imposed narrative. Lemon responded, “The media’s supposed to ask those questions. That’s what were supposed to do.”

Ruddy retorted that it’s more than just questions, it’s “constant bias.”

Ruddy, a friend of Trump, brought up more positive news about the president that he believes the media is bypassing. He said that Trump’s approval ratings are “much in line with what Obama had most of his presidency.” Lemon pounced saying, “Chris, you run Newsmax, which is a news organization… And you’re going to sit here and tell me that Obama and Trump have the same approval ratings?”

Ruddy landed back on his argument about “selective news,” asking why Lemon “never” does the “good stories” from the White House. Then Ruddy revealed that he had chatted with Trump earlier in the day and “he had a lot of things to say about you.” Ruddy even brought up Lemon’s emotional rant about Trump after the president’s rally in Phoenix.

Lemon then asked Ruddy to ask the president something:

“There are lots of people on this network and others who don’t look like me who are harder on this President and who say disparaging things about this president. But he doesn’t get as upset with them as he does with me. Why is that?”

Ruddy responded, “Generally, he thinks CNN should be more the gold standard.”

Lemon fired back, “He’s not running CNN. He’s supposed to be running the country. Why is he concerned about CNN?”

What do you think about this intense back and forth between Ruddy and Lemon? Which points make more sense to you? Watch the encounter and comment:

Credit: Mediaite


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