Home News Could This One Thing Reduce the Funding of Terrorism Overseas?

Could This One Thing Reduce the Funding of Terrorism Overseas?

Could This One Thing Reduce the Funding of Terrorism Overseas?

When you some seeds in a garden and then water them every day you will eventually start to see growth. Back in elementary school, we learned this to be cause and effect of systems.

From the very beginning, Trump has stated that he was going to “Make America Great Again”. This consisted of bringing jobs home, addressing natural resources, defeating terrorists, and fixing the economy. These were the Four components that Trump continued to talk about throughout his campaign. Maybe because they’re all related to one common goal.

Early on in his presidency, Trump declared that he was going to be meeting with the many CEO’s of major US manufacturing companies every quarter. The purpose of these meetings is to develop a relationship and seek a common ground to what needs to be done to bring the jobs home. “They share our commitment to bring manufacturing back and to create jobs in this country”, according to an article written by Bloomberg Politics. The cause being a lack of jobs.

According to a list of top 10 countries with the most natural resources by Investopedia, the United States comes in a number 2 behind Russia. “The U.S. has over 31% of the world’s coal but also has large amounts of timber. A total of 89% of the country’s natural resources are from coal and timber, but it also has sizable deposits of natural gas, oil, gold, and copper”. When it comes to this topic, the President has stated that coal is still a great resource to use and while keeping those against happy he has stated that there is clean coal. Will the Trump Administration actually regulate clean coal is something that remains to be seen.

By bringing jobs home both through natural resources and major manufacturing companies this would be a step in the direction of fixing the economy. A stronger economy would mean more money from people and more companies paying taxes. This could also mean more funding for the US military and bring down the national debt. As Trump stated numerous times before, he wants to strengthen or military.

What’s left is terrorism. Terrorism is a cause to why countries are getting attacked and why the president wants to build a wall, why he’s being aggressive on immigration, and why he wants to build up the military. According to a review posted by Middle East Policy Council, titled The Petroleum Triangle: Oil, Globalization, Terror written by Steve A. Yetiv of Old Dominion University, “Middle Eastern oil bears responsibility for financing terrorists, whereas globalization has offered them an international audience and technological instruments to amplify their messages”. So the effect of the US looking to use domestic natural resources is that it would decrease the funds that are going to terrorist organizations.


Whether or not the cognacs of what Trump has addressed over and over again is a plan to defeating Isis, Al-Qaeda and any other terror groups are true, it seems to be a step in a good direction to help ourselves help others.

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