Home News Outrage Setting In Blue Base As Elected Democrats Seemed Paralyzed

Outrage Setting In Blue Base As Elected Democrats Seemed Paralyzed

Outrage Setting In Blue Base As Elected Democrats Seemed Paralyzed

One day after the press conference a leader of the “resistance” and well known Political commentator Robert Reich issued a statement. No doubt he is frustrated with the elected leadership who seem helpless. If you are a Democrat you are appalled by the Presidents behavior yesterday. Democrat voters are afraid if Trump delegitimizes the Press and gets away with his talks with Russia what else can he do? The base the Democrat base is tired and frustrated and this has been seen at their protests and town halls.

Mr. Reich gave a very well thought out 3 point plan on how he thought Congress should proceed to investigate any collusion between Trump and Russia. In his statement, Mr. Reich instructs that a special prosecutor should be assigned to independently investigate the matter. He ended his statement saying that “Trump cannot maintain the public’s trust as long as this darkening cloud hangs over him and his administration.” Here is his entire post.

Elected Democrats raised some concerns over some of the statements President Trump’s made during the press conference. One of the concerns Democrats raised was that Trump stated he would have told Flynn to discuss the sanctions with Russia. Today the FBI announced no charges will be filed against Flynn. The press secretary for the DNC Adrienne Watson further explained:

“The fact that Donald Trump believes General Flynn was right to do what he did — undermining U.S. sanctions on Russia — is outrageous and part of a larger pattern of disturbing pro-Putin policies of Trump’s, including undermining NATO and refusing to personally condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine,”

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse D- RI reported that Democrats are going to proceed with hearings. After Micheal Flynn’s resignation, Senator Schumer conducted an emergency caucus meeting and came out with “three guidelines” to investigate President Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions must recuse himself from any investigations by the FBI and federal prosecutors because of his previous role as a national security adviser to the Trump campaign.
All emails and other records relevant to the investigations must be preserved from the Trump campaign, the transition team and the administration.
Campaign and transition officials, including Flynn and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, must be available to testify — publicly and under oath — before congressional committees conducting investigations. Manafort resigned from the Trump campaign last August amid controversy over his lobbying work for pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarchs.

So far the Democrat lawmakers have successfully stalled President Trump’s cabinet being confirmed. But pressure is growing from the White House and the public to move on. Those in the resistance movement did successfully overturn the travel section of the “travel ban.” However, during the press conference, we found out that officials are strongly vetting those coming into the US, despite the suspension.

Despite the “travel ban” elected Democrats seem to have no real plan to stop President Trump and their tactics have been unsuccessful. They seem to be using the same old tactics and as a result, their base is furious. Those outside the elected positions were responsible for suspending the travel ban. The elected Democrats have done nothing with the mass ICE sweeps rounding up undocumented workers.


The Democrat base is exhausted and their elected leadership seem like they are pulling the same old political song and dance. Why the Democrats do not listen or take suggestions from their base is a mystery and as a result could leave them in the minority for some time.

Source: USA Today | Facebook | USA Today 2


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