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A Part Of The Dark Side Or A Closet Communist? Catholics Speak Out Against Trump

A Part Of The Dark Side Or A Closet Communist? Catholics Speak Out Against Trump

Cardinal Joseph Tobin, the Catholic Archbishop of Newark, was critical of President Donald Trump on Tuesday declaring him to be a fear-monger who appeals to the “dark side of Americans.” The archbishop was interviewing with a French Catholic newspaper, “La Croix,”.and said that the current climate of insecurity “has caused an exaggerated patriotism in the United States,” He then suggested that Trump plays on Americans’ fears and desires to see America “great again.” Tobin said, “I think President Trump appeals to the dark side of Americans. He speaks to fears, to insecurities.”
Catholics overwhelmingly voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton. According to the Pew Research Center, Trump received 52% of the vote and Clinton only received 45%. This represented a 5% shift in the voting from 2012. Catholics were no doubt swayed by the vocal support of Trump from various bishops who considered Clinton’s pro-abortion stand unacceptable. “Catholics in good conscience cannot support candidates who will advance abortion,” wrote the Archbishop of Denver, Samuel Aquila.
Tobin charged that his fellow bishops should rethink their position because Trump could not be trusted. “Donald Trump is a businessman. He says he’s always looking to close a deal,” the Cardinal said. “The bishops must beware of him, because he tells them that he will be against abortion, that he won’t force them to pay for contraception, and in return, he asks for silence concerning his disrespectful remarks toward others or on the deportation of migrants. It’s dangerous. We, American Catholics, are a Church of migrants. We have always pleaded their cause.”
Tobin has a history of issues with Vice President Pence as well. When he was archbishop in Indianapolis, Tobin openly defied then-Governor Pence concerning allowing Syrian refugees into the state. Pence maintained that a Syrian family had not been sufficiently vetted, and Tobin proceeded to settle them anyway. “I informed the Governor prior to the family’s arrival that I had asked the staff of Catholic Charities to receive this husband, wife and their two small children as planned,” Tobin said.
Tobin maintains that the current situation in the U.S. reminds him of the way communism affected religious communities in Eastern Europe. “Here in the United States it is the same: we run the risk of being influenced by models, without questioning them or assessing whether they are coherent with the Gospel,” he said.
What do you think about how vocal this Catholic Archbishop has been about Trump?
Credit: Breitbart


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